50 Cent Beats Headphones

50 Cent wants to be the next big rapper-turned-mogul. His new company, SMS Audio, is launching with a mini-line of headphones.

Instead of 50 cent just putting his name on it he in fact owns the company so you are paying more than just the name. 50 cent beats headphones are a little too pricey right now because they just came out but they look sweet and have confidence that they will have much better sound quality than beats.

50 cent beats headphones collection has become an excellent brand associate, top quality assured total! 50 cent headphone is really a groundbreaking headset high-performance. The actual fifty cent headphones are sure to catch your heart.

50 Cent Headphones – What to anticipate?

Beats 50 cent headphones may be the breakthrough headset you’ve been looking forward to. Whether you are operating, firing hoops, or cycling, specially designed ear ideas let you notice background sounds and keep total consciousness all the time. Furthermore, a great adjustable/bendable hearing connect along with flexible provides maintains Beats fifty cent headphones safely set up, regardless of how tough you enjoy.

50 cent headphone distinctive selling point is the fact that their headphones are wireless, although by itself radio frequency, meaning that you need to plug-in a dongle to your iPod/iPhone or any other music-playing gadget, which is great in the event that gadget doesn’t have wireless capabilities built-in. Given that Wireless Bluetooth headphones haven’t taken off and have experienced quality issues, fifty cent headphones may be on to something.

It’s anticipated the 50 cent wireless headphones Beats through may connect over Wireless Bluetooth, which will most likely appeal to users associated with smart phones as well as advanced MP3 players which currently have Bluetooth built-in and don’t wish to deal with a dongle.