Sleek by 50 Cents Headphones

Sleek by 50 Cents Headphones – What to look forward?

Sleek Audio as well as 50 cent has teamed up to create Sleek by 50 cent, a new set of Cellular headphones that will be unveiled at the actual International Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

Sleek Audio has decided to link up with 50 CENT to create these carbon fiber headphones which used technology called “Kleer”. They were designed by 50 and engineered by Sleek, and are the first headphones ever to offer ‘Wireless Hybrid’ technology with military-grade metals. More specifically, the sleek headphones by 50 cent utilize Kleer lossless wireless technology, with a 60 foot range and a micro-USB rechargeable battery. If you run out of juice, there’s a detachable mic cable that can be jacked in for continued listening.

The Sleek by 50 cent headphones are still in production, so there were no test models at CES, but Sleek says it has built-in volume control, 60 feet of wireless range, and 10 hours of battery charge. A cool feature is the multi-listener opportunity, which lets four sleek headphones sync up and listens to one audio source.

Sleek by 50 Cent Headphones Price

As of today there is no set release date or price tag for these headphones, but 50 cent and Smooth Audio claim this merchandise will be for sale in retailers truly shortly.

The Sleek by 50 cent headphones is actually yet to be revealed when it would be launched and let to know just how much it might cost or what is the sleek headphones 50 cent price.

The most important thing about these sleek headphones would be the fact that it’s wireless because it shows exactly how advance technology has improved also it cuts down on the hustle of a cable becoming hanged involving the very good music player out of your wallet to the head. This reality separates these two mind mobile phones from the rest of the headphones by 50 cent that’s already been produced prior to. These types of headphones cannot simply be accustomed to pay attention to rap however additional kind of variety songs such as rock, take and so on. The types of these two earphones are really unique for example the form, texture as well as color of the actual sleek headphones.

As an example the consistency that’s accustomed to create the soul is quilted leather headband coating and also the color of the actual headphones are yellow and black. The sleek headphones by 50 cent however is created using ear cups that have carbon-fiber detailing which is a powerful and light-weight material commonly used within high-end sports activities cars and the sleek is actually completely black but with the “S” image on both attributes of the hearing cup which is attracted through darkish azure.