Sleek Headphones by 50

Sleek Headphones by 50

Rapper extraordinaire 50 Cent appeared at CES for the first time to introduce his new sleek headphones by 50.

Curtis who had been bowled by the technology the Company had applied in its new product line and had been gaga over the facilities offered by it which includes wireless system, 16-bit sound quality with 60 feet of range, 2.4GHz. signal — Up to 4 headphones can synchronize to one media player with no degradation to sound quality — User controlled volume, tracks and tuning with the Enhanced Dynamic Sound (EDS) — Minimal battery drain from media player as the sleek headset and transmitter are independently charged through micro-USB and so on.

These sleek 50 cent headphones are likely to reinvent the market. Based on a Sleek Audio spokesperson, these sleek by 50 cent wireless headphones are the first of a series collection.

Where to Buy Sleek by 50 Cent?

At this time there is no set sleek by 50 headphones price but you can bet that they will be released soon and the sleek headphones price will be that high.

These futuristic looking things are made with Carbon fiber. Already these sleek 50 cent headphones are being compared to the Beats by Dr. Dre headphones. There is no doubt that this sleek by 50 Cent headphones will bring much competition.

Sleek by 50– Agreement with Sleek Audio come to an end?

Reps for the company which marketplaces 50 Cent’s sleek type of headphones have come toward make clear reviews that the rapper experienced pulled the actual plug upon his new line of headphones.

Sleek Audio issued a press release, announcing that 50 Cent had end an agreement among Sleek, G-Unit and TV Goods.

But before long after the termination, 50 and his associate company SMS Audio come into a new contract to produce and deal out an advertisement promoting an innovative, over-the-ear product that 50 Cent is backing.

While 50 may have been his deal between Sleek and TVGoods on ice, the rapper is still working with the company to bring another new 50 cent headphone to market.